About Me

My name is Gina Thompson. I teach 9th grade World History half-time and I am working on a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction the “other” half-time. This is my fourth year of teaching, and I’m finally starting to feel my groove. I feel good when I walk into the classroom every day, and I feel good when I leave, too.

I want to collaborate and discuss with other educators in this country. I’m concerned about the sudden media attention on our public education system (a consequence of Waiting for “Superman”). Too many people with too many opinions with too little facts. Everyone thinks they know what to do with our failing school system.

I have my thoughts, too. And I want to hear yours.

And I want to collaborate with teachers. I want to share what works and what doesn’t, and learn from others what works for them and what doesn’t. One of the most difficult aspects of my first couple years of teaching was realizing many teachers in my school didn’t want to collaborate — they wanted to compete. Well, that’s just not my style. So I started looking elsewhere for collaborators– and I found YOU GUYS!

I started following Dan Meyer, a math teacher (now Ph.D student) in California. What do math and social studies have in common? Well, presumably nothing, but I found his blog to be indispensable in my first year as a teacher. I learned how to create effective PowerPoints (and discovered Keynote). (Here’s the updated version of DM presentation.) And I followed his followers. Then I got on Twitter and started following other educators. I soon discovered that there are teachers who want to collaborate. And they aren’t far away — right at my fingertips. So thanks for all of you out there who are blogging and twitting about education. You have made my transition into teaching just a dash bit easier. For many years I was just a reader and listener – didn’t really appear too often in the comments. But you all still helped greatly. You helped make me confident in asking for help and insisting on collaboration in my own school. And then that started to happen too — with the help of a very awesome department head.

But now it’s time to break out and get this party started. Er… get this conversation started. Can we have a party too?

Thanks for continuing to inspire me blogisphere, twittersphere, and all that jazz. And, of course, a “dedication” wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to my high school teachers. They inspired me, challenged me, supported me, and didn’t give up on me. (However, they could have warned me that teaching wasn’t as glamorous and cool as they made it look. Uh, thanks.)


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